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Frequently Asked Questions

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We migrate all email messages or filtered emails between specific dates. Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items and any other folder containing emails. Attached documents migrated for example word, excel and PDF’s. All folders and sub-folders migrated. Read and unread status maintained. Priority status maintained. NDR (non delivery report) and calendar responses are not migrated (however calendar items the responses refer to are migrated).

Calendar appointments and reoccurring calendar appointments are migrated. Sub calendars also migrated. Attached files migrated. Reminders migrated. Appointment attendees migrated. Shared calendars migrated.

All tasks with related fields  migrated. All files/documents  attached to tasks are migrated.

Resources, for example, equipment, rooms, and people migrated.

Contacts with all related fields are migrated.

Yes, you can contact us by clicking the “need help” option from the drop down menu in the top right corner of every page within our system once logged in. From here you can browse our knowledge base or raise a ticket. If you prefer you can call us as well.

Creating a trial account also allows you to immediately purchase licenses. Just click the “buy now” option at the top of the screen as soon as you log in.

You can purchase licenses online within our system using most credit cards (using Paypal)  or via Paypal directly. If you prefer we can invoice you for payment in advance.

Key Migration Features

We listen to our customers and add only the features you ask for.

Super fast

Migration Monster is extremely fast and can migrate up to 500 Items per minute per mailbox.

Screenshot of progress column
Screenshot of the Mailbox Entry page

Credentials Collection

You can ask Migration Monster to collect user id’s and passwords from the mailbox owners for you, saving the hassle of collecting login details when you don’t have admin level access to the  email server.

Item Count

Migration Monster offers source and destination item count side by side for easy analysis. Non-transferable items like non-delivery reports (NDR’s) are also counted.

Screenshot of item count
Screenshot of our project creation page

Nothing To Install

Being a Cloud Based System there is nothing to install, you just need a web browser and web mail access to the email servers. Just log into our system and setup your source and destination email servers then start migrating.

Mailbox Size

There is no restriction on mailbox size, online archive size, or message / calendar / task attachments migrated. 

Mailboxes and Archives

Migration Monster easily migrates mailbox content from MS Exchange  / Office 365 to MS Exchange / Office 365. It also supports the migration of Office 365 & MS Exchange Online Archives.

365 Tenant to Tenant

You can securely migrate mailbox content from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant using Migration Monster.

Screenshot of the Migration Project Page
Project view: View all your migration projects, showing which projects have finished, still running or with errors.

Logging in to mailboxes

Migrate mailboxes using mailbox or admin level credentials

Migration Methods

Migration Monster can carry out cut-over (all at once) and staged migrations (over a period of time). Please see our knowledge base for detailed Migration options.

Import mailbox details

Import mailboxes to migrate manually or by CSV import .

Screenshot of the Mailbox Page
Mailbox view: Easily see the status of each mailbox being migrated, including an estimate of the number of items on the source.

Server Types

Migration Monster supports MS Exchange versions: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 as well a Office 365. Migrating both Mailboxes and Online Archives.

Item Types

You can decide what items to migrate such as calendars, contacts, notes, tasks or emails for a specific date range.

Email Date Filtering

Filter Emails between two dates. Use this feature to only copy older items first. Then remove this filter for your last pass to copy the remainig items

View of the filters section of our project setup page
Filter: Filter by item type and email date.

Easy To Use


Migration Monster has an easy to use interface which prompts you on how to create a project and enter mailboxes for migration. Simple!

Easy to use

No special training required, just a few basic details for set-up and if you do need help, just ask, we are here to help.

Multiple projects

Create one or many migration projects. If running a large migration, you can split your migration down in to groups or departments.

Screenshot of the Mailbox Entry page
Adding Mailboxes: Add mailboxes manually or by using our CSV import tool.

Peace Of Mind With No User Downtime

Background working

Migration Monster works in the background allowing migration of even the largest mailboxes well before you switch over to your new email system. You can run each migration project up to ten times and then purchase additional migration passes if required.

Take your time

Carry out a staged migration if you have time to move the bulk of your mailbox content between the source and the destination. This allows a quick switch-over on your planned move date.

Quick responce

If its all a rush and you need to move quickly without planning , that's fine too. Migration Monster is quick and will have your email migrated in no time.

Screenshot of our project schedule page
Schedule: Schedule your migration to run on specific days and times.

Complete Control

Professional Services

If you have a professional services team all requiring their own account then migration monster can easily handle this too. You can create user accounts for your migration team with varying level of  control.


With, activity logs, usage reports,  project mailbox reports, inactive/deleted mailbox logs you can see exactly whats going on.

Item Count

Unlike many of our competitors, our system shows you a count of the items on the source. Without this it's difficult to tell if anything is missing.

Screenshot showing Source and Destination Item Count
Status:- Easily see the status of your migration with a count of the source estimate, migrated items and non-transferable items side by side.



Migration Monster uses AES encryption, so all mailbox credentials are safe. Our data centres are compliant with, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as UK G-Cloud.

Data Removed

All information and data will be purged and deleted from the system when the project is removed/deleted from Migration Monster.

No mailbox data stored

Our UK based servers do not store any mailbox data, any temporary data collected is purged once the mailbox completes.

Screenshot of page for creating additional system users
User Accounts. Setup user permssions for each user on the system.


On demand scaling

From one mailbox to thousands. Migration Monster is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a really fast platform that can scale up and down to meet the demands of your migration project.


We have so much internet bandwidth we don't know what to do with it all! However, if you need to slow us down so your local internet connection can cope that's easy to do to.

Pay as You Go

Just pay for what you need. Priced per mailbox no matter the size.

Detailed view of the mailbox migration by clicking on the spectacles against each mailbox line.
Mailbox details: View the item count of all mailbox folders.

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